My last post as a 28 year old

I haven’t posted in a bit so I thought I would to end my year as a 28 year old. I have nothing new or exciting going on really. I have been doing a lot of crafts/making tutus. Of course working a ton, I work a double tomorrow at my serving job, and got stuck serving Sunday.. this is all AFTER I requested this Saturday off for my birthday weekend as its on a Monday this year. I better make some good $!!

I have a golf outing today for my office. I have never golfed, or practiced… so this ought to be interesting! I bought some really ugly golf shoes last night. They were on sale, but I still think they’re hideous… just some cheap white and pink Pumas.

I did a little clothes shopping last night. I shouldn’t have, but I have never not bought my self stuff for my birthday. This is my last birthday in my 20s, I am only having a slight meltdown about it. All I can think of is “I won’t be a mom before my 30’s if ever'” All of my friend’s have had kids and it leaves me in quite an awkward spot I guess? I’m sure I will spend my time off work crying and feeling pitiful about it most of the weekend ha.

Yea nothing too cool going on. Just getting older and boring… Umm I ate a jar of pickles for dinner last night along with mac and cheese ? I’m super exciting!

Time to go make an ass of myself at the course!


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