Endometriosis Endo March

Last week I was reading about an upcoming event that I wanted to attend in Washington DC last year but couldn’t take the time off/have the enough $ to go while missing work. It was the first annual World Wide Endo March. I wanted to drive, and that would have made me gone from work too long. I was seriously bummed I couldn’t figure out a way to go, as my aunt lives in a DC suburb so I could have had a place to stay. Either way, I want to get the facts for this year, as I learned about it last minute last year. This year’s March US locations are in Washington D.C. and Palo Alto, CA. It is on March 28th, 2015.

I want to know:

1. Did you attend last year?

2. What was your experience like?

3. Would you go again?

4.How could your group or team have been more organized/prepared?

5. Was your project manager effective/resourceful?

6. How could she/he have been more effective/resourceful?

7. Did you have a team in your area?

8. How far/close was your nearest team?

9. How many marched from your state, and what state were you from?

10. What was your mission in participating/marching?

11. Did you raise funds?

12. If so, what methods of fundraising did you use?

13. If you would march again, how could the experience be improved for you/others?

14. Do you do anything in your area to promote awareness of endo?

Sorry for lots of questions. There is minimal anything on endometriosis in my area. I am an hour away from a renowned university hospital that has a wonderful team of endometriosis/infertility specialists, and I want to try and get a support system/awareness going. Why should we all suffer alone?


9 thoughts on “Endometriosis Endo March

  1. I’m not able to go to the actual March either. So I just decided to walk on March 28th by myself in my area. 🙂 I couldn’t find any *local* walks. So I started a gofundme campaign and for every $10 donated, I’m going to walk a mile! And all of the money goes straight to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. It gives me the opportunity to feel like I’m making a difference and participating in the March, even though I can’t be there in person. 😉 If it’s something you’d like to do, I’d be happy to help you set it up! It was SUPER easy! 😀 you can see mine at http://www.gofundme.com/endendo

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