PMS and inconvenience

I started super early, which is unheard of, as I’m always late.. like when I’m on time its shocking.. so early really messed with me. I am a complete hormonal mess, which isn’t really new either. I’m extra crabby though. The city is replacing the water line on my street and neighboring streets. They hired the most generic company to do it. It is said that this construction co. has the highest population of drug using employees in the area.. how sweet.

They work from 7:whenever they feel – 5PM. They are parked up and down my street blocking me from coming and going. I lost it today. ……They made me late to work today, then I had to park a block away again at lunch to get to my house on a road that is not supposed to be closed (they did patches.)  I was going to try and ignore it, cause I knew half my frustration is my raging hormones…but as I was walking the block and a half to my truck.. the guy in front of my house asked me how I was doing.. Bad move buddy.. I let him have it as nice as I could. I acknowledged that I know it wasn’t just him personally, or even his crew as there are three groups working.. but together everyone needs to be considerate of the residents.. and if I needed an ambulance.. wtf would I do?! Then the little shit said “enjoy your new water line” I said “I wasn’t aware we even had a problem.” he said ” yea they break in this area a lot, these will last years to come.” .. so I replied with “This is temporary housing for me, so it really won’t matter what happens years from now.” .. I didn’t say this next part, but its just a bs rental that was good enough when I was wanting out of my relationship and wanting my own place… don’t act like you did the renter some favor. Get real. So yea that was my morning and lunch break excitement. I didn’t tell him to eff off or anything like I wanted.. but if I had space on my phn to take a pic, I would have uploaded this fuckery so everyone could understand. But…. I did get the number for OSHA in my area 🙂 I notice at least a couple things not up to code. Good luck fuckers!


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