Harvest Supermoon and Sleep

       Last night I woke up after going to bed and was awake until after 3:30 this morning. I was definitely feeling when my 3 alarms went off at 5 this morning. I thought it looked like a full moon outside. I Googled it today and there is a super moon tonight. (Which affects your moods and sleep, making it harder to fall asleep) It is peaking or whatever they call it tonight  at 8:38PM central time. I am hoping to get some pics with my go pro camera. I took a pic with my Go Pro Hero 3 on vacation, and didn’t know it worked. (Still trying to figure how it and my accessories works lol.) I was thoroughly impressed with the detail.

      My weekend was nothing too noteworthy. Friday night I just chilled with my dogs, went to the grocery store, made tacos for dinner, and started binge watching Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys while I waited for the bf to get off of work so we could try to hang out/chat for a few minutes before I went to sleep. I had to be up the next morning at 5 for work at my Saturday serving job. We work completely opposite schedules so conscious time spent together is sparse. We get to hang out/spend time pretty much Saturday night or on Sunday.. it is quite an adjustment.

           Oh! and Friday night, I got a REALLY sweet comment on a previous post! Now, I know that post may have been erratic, and flighty, possibly a mash up of emotional hormonal rambles as my heart felt shattered …. but I was in a horrible state of mind. Even if I wasn’t, this is MY blog, MY personal outlet.  I am shocked if anyone reads it, let alone follows, and blown away if I receive feedback on top of that! If people think its crazy, or stupid, or immature, well ok that’s fine as we are all entitled to our opinions, ignorant or educated, but NEWSFLASH: Infertility + heartbreak/abandonment/trust issues + rollercoaster hormones = the true recipe for “crazy”! So I’ll embrace it I suppose, because all the therapists I’ve found are $90-$120/hr. I have a strong psychology educational background, so I do a lot of my own self help through research/venting/beginning blogging.  Everyone walks their own journey, we can all share similar life experiences, but one can’t ever know what another truly goes through in their journey. I’ve trudged a tough journey in a short time!! In reference to her claim that I am a “bitter infertile”… yea I am a little bitter. I’ve spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on multiple opinions, countless visits, testing’s and treatments, all to achieve my end goal of becoming a mother and experiencing unconditional love. All while the next teen mom or neglectful crack whore pops them out like its nothing. So yea, BITTER is semi accurate!

   I went shopping yesterday for my cousin’s baby shower Sunday. I went a little overboard lol. I also helped shop for a little girl’s 3rd birthday party that is also this Sunday. Toys R Us was pleased.


Don’t forget the super moon!



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