I hate the word humpday!

  I have 55 minutes left of work.. not counting down at all. I am tired today. I am tired a lot, but it is taking my all just to make it to 5 today. I didn’t get my McCafe Frappe today, so that could be why. I never drank caffeine for most of my life, this last 2 or less years I’m practically mainlining it.

     I spent last night being about worthless, staring at my apple tv screen saver for almost an hour before I finally turned on the latest Hulu episode of “Jennifer Falls”. I love Jaime Pressley!

     I went to the grocery store at like 9.. didn’t get most of what I went for, but whatever I tried.. I hate grocery shopping, and I hate cooking……speaking of, I took leftover green beans and bacon in a container to work today.. the MFN lid popped off when I turned, and dumped bacon bean juice/grease all over my truck, (that’s going to up the resale value!) missing my stupid expensive Coach purse by an inch.. why do I bother to have anything nice?!… it just is destined to get damaged eventually.

         Tonight I should finally do laundry and deal with my clothes mountains.. but I’m sensing some procrastination already, fuck those mountains! 😉      

                            38 minutes to freedom!

       I still haven’t figured out where this Jen lady that I followed on twitter/blogpress went. her IF blog has been deleted, not on twitter.. she was seriously my go to blogger everyday.. super funny, like me!…  kidding, I know I am not near as funny! I debated e-mailing her to see if everything was ok, but I figured she didn’t delete it all for no reason. I hope she returns!

     I just realized if I want to wear pants tomorrow and not capris, I better wash at least one load.. fuckkkk.

       Another blogger I follow, Justine Froelker, is about to release her book chronicling infertility, depression, recovery and all the fun stuff she’s endured  – “Ever Upward“. I am excited to pre-order it, I just saw that she has a book signing in St Louis Saturday, Oct 4th. I am trying to see about spending a night there so I can go to it. It is a 3.5 – 4 hour drive from me… and close to my birthday time. I swore I’d never return to that city again, but I would make an exception for the opportunity to speak with her in person.  The lady is also a psychologist in St. Louis, and has been quite inspiring in a few ways!

         35 minutes……. I type slow.


I am currently taking volunteers for someone to come organize my clothes/closets .. I’ll provide direction!

   I’m drinking green tea.. had a slice of pizza at lunch.. pb&J for snack…

I spent the morning torturing myself by checking out a bunch of wedding and baby stuff online..

I learned how to paint/glitterize soles/heels of my shoes. Learned how to be a better packer. I checked out birthday cakes that I may want for myself.. this will be my last birthday that I am in my “20s” .. I just want an epic birthday this time. I failed to plan, so I’m not sure how epic it’ll be. Last year my 28th birthday was on a Sunday, so the night before, I had planned on going to a coworker’s party I was invited to.. got my hair done and all..  instead, I passed out at like 9.. but I did go to Chicago the next day on my actual birthday, which happened to be exactly when the Chicago Marathon was going on.. oops! It was a pretty good day though.



22 minutes…










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