Boring blah

   Today has already started off less than favorable. I slept through my alarm and missed my shower. I keep dealing with ridiculousness to no end.  Work is crazy. I am starting to get sick from it all. Last night was pretty decent. After I was done dealing with ignorance, I went to my bf’s mom’s house for dinner. That lady is an amazing cook! It was nice to be invited over, even though the bf was at work. She sent me home with probably a week of leftovers for him. I wish I had snagged some for lunch. I am pretty upset right now, so not real hungry anyways. I did notice that a lady I was following disappeared.. hoping she is ok. I am going to go to lunch and try and come up with something worthwhile to post on. I was told my post yesterday was stupid.. so I am aspiring to do better than that.



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