Dog books and what not

         I have a lot of books. Not as many as I would like, but quite a few. I also have several unread. Most of my collection is either by John Grisham, or are real life heart tugging stories about captivity/abuse, or various stories chronicled on dogs- fiction or non.  I guess you could say I like mystery, trauma survival, and dogs.

    On lunch break today I went home and broke out a book. It is “Thereby Hangs a Tail”- by Spencer Quinn. It’s a dog narrated mystery book, also the sequel to “Dog On It”.

      I had started reading it awhile back with my best friend, we both were reading it as our own sort of book club. We’re dorks, that like dogs more than the average bear. We never finished the series, so since she has passed, I thought that it would be a nice semi tribute to start it up and finish the series like we had intended.

    Random thing..   I read my dog books aloud to my dogs. I thought that I was the only one who did that, but turns out its more common that you’d think. (just check out that site I linked)

       I am not sure where this post was going since I have been interrupted 50 times… but yea I like dog books, and if you like mystery or dog books- check out the author Spencer Quinn. He even has a little blog on his site.

I got to go home now and read to my doggies!




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