Vacation -post 2 of 2

       Saturday we went to my cousin’s wedding in Cape May, NJ. It was held at the Southern Mansion. It was a very beautiful outside ceremony. The weather was hot, but not completely unbearable.. just really humid… but that’s an east coast thing.

       The hor’dourves (sp?) were out of this world! There was delicious chilled salmon, large  scallops wrapped in Bacon.. I don’t remember the rest cause I was very much enjoying those. The wine and Champagne was never ending, as well as an open bar. The dinner was a filet Mignon, horseradish smashed potatoes, zucchini and rice, and a large crab cake I think? After dinner we went downstairs of the mansion to a reception hall. More open bar, dances, and only the best cake and ice cream combo like ever. There were fresh berries in each ice cream dish. Its obvious where my priorities were – FOOD!

      My uncle from Frederick, Maryland, played one of his songs from his latest album after the ceremony. That was pretty neat!   If you’re into country, check him out     ..If not… check him out anyways!! He isn’t a mega star yet, but he works with a lot of people out of Nashville, as that is where his recording studio is.

The bride was stunning in  a beautiful dress. The flowers were very beautiful as well.  It was a nice evening. The venue is supposedly haunted.

We had a few odd happenings, but nothing that I could say for certain was the result of paranormal activity.

We watched my uncle play/sing more songs, and headed out around midnight I think. But upon my initial arrival, I got out of the car in a flurry to give the car to valet. I dropped something, didn’t realize it til later.. went back for it.. gone.. shook down the valet.. and of course they “didn’t see anything” but asked if it was important…. umm do you think i tossed my car 3x like a mad lady trying to find it cause I didn’t deem it important?!  Or that I would ask you if i didn’t want it? Oh well, lesson learned, pay better attention to your stuff when exiting a car.. fuckers.

    The next day on Sunday, we packed to leave, we visited with my family from NH and FL and  said our goodbyes. Then we set out for Philly on our way back to Iowa. He wanted to see the Rocky steps at the museum in Philly.. I wanted another cheese steak from a real place, and to see all the historical sites there. 


We saw the “Rocky” steps, tried a sweet potato taco, from the huge park there (voted in the top 10  tacos in Philly), and made our way to Pat’s King of Steaks in south Philly, across from their rival, Geno’s. We stood in line forever and ordered 2 with cheese and peppers.. it came with canned melted nacho cheese on it.. YUCK! Apparently you have to request provolone… oops.


     We eventually got the hell out of that shit hole… and took the scenic route home. We stopped in Gettysburg, PA and saw the battlefield. I had not been since I was like 7 years old with my grandparents, so it was nice to revisit.  Nothing exciting to see, but really neat to read the history of the battle and see where all of the soldiers dispersed from. He was probably bored to tears.. but I’m not a Rocky fan.. so compromises were made lol.


Then we drove Route 30, for what seemed like eternity winding out the mountains, hoping not to clip a deer.  Finally got back on the Turnpike and drove all the way back to Iowa. Getting to my house a little after 6:30AM.

   Oh and  along the way we switched drivers at a gas station just past the Ind/IL state line. It was like 2:30 AM.. the gas station was closed, just after we got out to switch, some seedy looking guy pulled up in his car, asks us for a “favor” …wanting a few bucks for gas to get back into Indiana… ummm the gas station was closed, and pumps shut off so no credit.. so that’s odd. And you can’t pay at the pump with cash.. So he told the guy we were looking for a few bucks too, and we got back in the car and got out of there quick! I’m pretty sure he planned on robbing us the minute we pulled out a purse/wallet. It was literally 1 exit into IL.. and just an eery circumstance in a secluded lot. I was nervous… i wonder if he was like a serial killer or something… VERY strange dude.

Sooo that was my vacation. I’m ready for the next, in my choice of destination. I made the most of Atlantic City, cause of a family wedding, and I’m too cheap to spend $380/night in Cape May. I’m looking at places in the Caribbean. I just HATE flying.

If $ was no object, I would go to Turks and Caicos.


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