Vacation -1 of 2 posts

  I left town Tues 8/5 for a much needed vacation with the BF to attend my cousin’s wedding in Cape May, NJ.

         We stayed 4 nights in a Atlantic City suburb, Absecon… Our room had a great view of the Atlantic City skyline.. which is really neat when all lit up at night.

We checked the boardwalk out a little on Wednesday, the first night there. Went to a place called Landshark’s and sat on the beach watching the moonlit waves crash.

       Our first morning there we woke up super early, and watched the sun rise over the ocean. He had never seen the ocean, so it was neat to see him so excited about it.


    We went back to the hotel and I looked up beaches in the area. I found a nice little beach community south of Atlantic City, called Ocean City. It was neat, much nicer and cleaner. We spent Thursday and Friday at that beach cause we really enjoyed it. We ate at a little place called Ove’s.. It was an interesting experience.. reminded me of a beachside version of the café I serve at part time…  crowded.



           Thursday night we drove back to Philadelphia and watched a Phillies game Vs. Houston Astros. It was my first pro ball game. People were tailgating like crazy. It looked like a lot of fun. There was a guy outside the stadium with an over turned grocery cart, and stacks of unwrapped pretzels on it.. boasting “fresh pretzels!” It was the funniest thing ever! Those pretzels had to be hard as rocks and possibly days old!     ….The bf loved seeing the field and adding it to his list of fields visited. I loved the Philly skyline in the back, past the field. We had Philly steak sandwiches… The  Phillies lost.. so we left a little early to beat traffic.. which we did good on.


      Friday was a beach day in Ocean City. Then that night we went to a highly recommended Mexican restaurant in Atlantic City – Los Amigos. I had fish tacos that were amazing. He had some kind of burrito or something that had scallops in it. Both were really good.

     Saturday morning I ran to get a card for the wedding that afternoon in Cape May. On my way back to the hotel, I saw a salon called “Its a Shear Thing” It was in a really nice home, turned salon. Before my trip, I contemplated having someone else do my hair, but wasn’t impressed by the salons I had looked at in the area. Many reviews said a lot don’t like tourists, just locals.. greattt.

I got back to the hotel and googled the place and saw that it wasn’t a place I had read about. I called the number and asked if they took walk-ins for a formal style. The lady said she could get me in in 45 minutes. Perfect!

     I went to the place and it was amazing! The lady who I spoke with via phone,Tina, was the owner of the salon. She had a little toy poodle, Vivian, that was sweet as can be, and me being the dog lover, thought this was a score, especially since I was missing my puppies back home! Vivian was well behaved and quiet… watching tv most of my visit.

   It was fairly early, so I was her only client at the time I was there, so it was just me and her. We talked and talked and she was so wonderful and kind, even giving me a hair bow to match my dress that evening, knowing I would not be in the area again to be a repeat customer.

      I won’t be in Absecon, NJ probably again.. but if I was, I would def go back! I recommend it to anyone in the Atlantic City area. Tina did great, and I had tons of compliments on my hair that night! Even  my own stylist from my hometown, who saw my pic on face book, was impressed. So, I left Tina like a 3 page positive review on Google reviews. Its just the little things. I get seriously overwhelmed with anxiety in salons, and hers was the most peaceful setting I had been in, probably ever. Her salon has a face book page to like as well…


I have a pic below, but it was pretty late in the evening after being outside all day, so you’ll have to envision it pre- humidity. Also, the flash completely whited me out.. so I look like the ghost that haunts the Southern Mansion..



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