Magical Wednesday

I finally got my hair done last night, so that is a major stress relief. I also picked up a 1955 singer sewing machine that used to belong to my nana. It was neat to think that she used that to make my aunt’s clothes way back when.


I want to go to the fair tonight. I don’t want to spend the stupid $ that it costs to get in just to eat fried food.

I made a phone call today and received some good news… always a good thing.

I also got a possible alternate option for income.. have to look into it more and think about it.


My family reunion is Saturday.. about 2.5 hours west of me in the middle of nowhere, Iowa.

I haven’t got the side I am taking decided… but leaning toward simple pasta salad.


I am supposed to be on the ocean a week from today. I hope it all goes well. I can’t fucking wait to go somewhere finally! I haven’t went anywhere farther than Chicago, since Labor Day of last year. I used to have any time off I wanted and a lot more expendable income… I miss that… a lot! But I have some possible new options opening up.

I still have a lot to get done before I do go.. and I still haven’t tanned..

My budget for my trip may be expanding, so now I am reconsidering my accommodations.. I want to be in walking distance of the ocean. I want to teleport there…






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