Brain selfie and stupid drivers

Yea I just made that term up… you’re welcome. Unbelievable I have a medical background?! lol.

So if you read my post Monday Tuesday (damn head trauma), you’ll know I fell and hit my face Monday Tuesday pretty good. I woke up yesterday with the worst headache and pain diffusing to the back of my skull.. I feel like someone beat the hell out of me, I thought that’s odd for hitting my eyebrow bone. I went to work and became more and more miserable, so I left early and went to the walk in clinic as I haven’t set a new primary. At walk in they were concerned since my pain has increased instead of decreased, so they sent me to the ER for a CT scan (Brain selfie). It came back good, no bleeding just bruised/mild concussion.

Not one worker believed my story. I was asked at least 8 times, twice by some nurses. I know my story seems crazy, and it does look like someone punched me, but I am no way creative enough to make up “fell and smashed my face on a purse hook in bathroom stall.” Oh well.

Speaking of .. as I was driving to the hospital, I got stuck behind a car at a really long red light. I could hear the man who was driving, scream at the top of his lungs to the lady in the passenger seat. “You’re driving is fcking stupid!” He screamed that at least 5 times, yelled at her “Shut your fcking mouth, you better shut the fck up!” He was a real gem. I debated on saying something to him, as I didn’t want to make the situation more volatile for her.. but then I was like fck it, he is a douchebag and should be told so….

So me being the mature person I am, pulled to the right turn lane next to him (he was going straight that went to a car dealership) and as I seen the light turn green, and as we both started driving, I yelled “You’re driving is fcking stupid, dickhead!”

He slammed on his brakes so hard I swear he dropped his transmission right there (Who’s driving is fcking stupid?!), and wanted to turn toward me, but traffic wouldn’t allow..

I am not sure why exactly I said that, as there could have been a different way to deal with it, and had he caught me, he probably would have killed me he was so pissed. I just wanted him to know what a moron he sounded like screaming at her like that. What makes him think he can be a volatile a$$hole without recourse? I don’t know. I just really hate hearing that kind of aggression/yelling and thought, fck this a$$hole and every a$$hole like him!

Hopefully his transmission went out on his way home…


That was my Wednesday!




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