I just had the longest weekend ever. I should probably divide this post up as there are so many topics to cover… but I am notoriously lazy, so I am not sure if I will because I like meeting my low expectations.


      Friday I was at work when I got a random text that set off my already out of control hormonal reactions. I was told that the monster who murdered my best friend for many years, was finally arrested in her death. I have not talked about this yet, not sure how much I even want to, but it definitely something that plagues my mind almost every minute. She had gone missing in December 2013, last seen with her ex boyfriend (Whom I never liked, and begged her to stop seeing because something was off about him and his unwarranted aggression.. oh how hindsight is cruel.) He swore he dropped her off at her home, and that she lent him her car so he could drive to Hastings, MN and fly out (with a woman he met online who lived in Hastings, MN) to Las Vegas.  As if that wasn’t the huge red flag, as she NEVER let anyone drive her car. She remained missing, no cell phone or credit card activity since December. He body was found in a wooded area in April, in HASTINGS, MN.. odd as that is where he admitted he drove to meet another girl to go out of town with. He FINALLY was arrested Friday 7/18/14 in Rock Island county, IL.

   That’s pretty huge. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out this one, but unfortunately everyone is guaranteed a right to defense. I wrote a 2 page letter to the Rock Island county states attorney office, begging that they offer NO plea deal, and recommend the max penalty. Unfortunately this case is being handled in IL, as that is where she was last seen with him. IL has no capital punishment since 2011, and his max sentence is 60 years. I begged that the prosecution also file additional charges (concealment of corpse). It was seriously the saddest thing I ever wrote. I was beyond shocked when the states attorney’s office immediately replied. That made me feel good that they took the time to read it and respond with condolences. I wanted her case to be more than a docket number. I wanted them to know she was a person full of life before it was taken away.  I am not sure why he had to do what he did, but he never had to hide her body, nor lie and let countless people wonder and worry about her fate. He deserves no break, he is a coward for what he has done. And I just found out he has a history of domestic violence with his ex wife, she filed a order of protection in 2011 and divorced him shortly after. His first court appearance was Sat morning. I wanted to be there so bad, but I already promised to take my niece to Adventureland.  I will be at the next court date I am sure. I did get my niece and I matching shirts in the friend’s favorite color, so we could at least honor her in some way since I couldn’t make it to the arraignment.


    Adventureland.. I took my niece for her first time. She did pretty good. She started to get testy toward the end, and whiny when she wouldn’t get her way, but that happens I suppose. My niece went on a lot of rides. She rode some rides by herself! I think she had fun. I had fun too, but have never felt so tired in my life. Amusement parks suck the life out of you ..walking, heat, junk food, lack of sleep night before due to excitement…  I am exhausted. but I learned a lot and I know how to plan much better for the next trip with her… like not forgetting every single snack/fresh fruit I bought for us the night before.. oops.  I am surprised they serve booze at Adventureland. We saw 2 people carried out of the waterpark by their friends because they were so intoxicated that they couldn’t hold themselves up to walk. I understand wanting to enjoy yourself, but it is a family theme attraction, and drinking to the point of blackout just seems wrong at such a place. Maybe I am lame, but I didn’t think it was cool.

More later..



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