McCafe Mouse

   I have a semi new routine of purchasing a large caramel Frappe and plain egg muffin from McDonalds before I head into work in the mornings. Yesterday I did not finish my frappe and had it sitting out of plain sight, behind my flat screen monitor on my desk. Apparently I forgot about it, and went home.

     This morning, I came in and found mouse droppings, and a straw on my desk. I am confused where the straw came from.. as I start cleaning/ disinfecting my desk. Then I remember my cup from yesterday, reach behind my monitor to grab it, it feels heavier than yesterday, I know I drank more than that.. as I pick it up, a mouse (inside cup in hand, high on caffeine and sugar) starts jumping all around in the cup like Seabiscuit, trying to get out! I screamed “F*CK!” and threw it in my trash can, ran out to the quality office and had a guy come get my trash and take it out. He was nice enough to take the cup out, take it out to the field and set the mouse free. The guys in maintenance office all laughed at me, my whole office, up to the president of the co. was laughing at me. I think I will be hearing about this for awhile.

     This all occurred as my brand new frappe and egg muffin is sitting there, waiting for my consumption. I am so grossed out though, I threw away my muffin and can’t bring myself to drink my untouched frappe. I think I am switching back to water with Mio drops.. nice and clear.

Yuck! Happy Friday! I’m wide awake now!



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