Updates and such 7/17/14

          Saturday was super busy at work, always a good thing. Following work Sat,  I went to my niece’s 10th birthday party. I got her the Apple Tv and had American Girl doll furniture made. I have never seen her like a gift as much as the American Girl Doll furniture. She got 3 new American Girl dolls for her birthday, so she said she needs more furniture because she has 5 dolls now….  so not spoiled… I have a pic of the Prison Bunk bunk bed and picnic table set attached.

I don’t know how to sew, nor own a sewing machine … so I made the bedding out of a towel cut to 19.5 inches, sprayed with spray adhesive, wrapped in fabric I purchased, ironed it, and hot glued the seams.. made little pillows, same way… super legit.


I am going to look into sewing machine/learning to sew so I can make a much better quality bedding for the furniture. This was kind of a rough draft.  


Not much else noteworthy going on this week. I took this coming Saturday off to take my niece to Adventureland. I am excited to take her, but not really looking forward to the crowds of people, or my debilitating anxiety from heights/thrill rides.. 

  Now I have to pretend to be some fearless adult, and not totally flake out on my niece while in line for a ride… should be easy! I am seriously most excited about the giant turkey leg that I will get to consume.. I haven’t had one of these since I was in Disney World in ’08, so I am pretty stoked!

More to follow.



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