TGIF! oh wait.. I work Sats.. so just F!

I am thankful today is Friday. I have today’s balance and tomorrow until 2:30PM to go.. not counting down to the weekend at all…… 🙂

Working 6 days a week blows! Still holding on to false hope I’ll hit the lotto like my grandma, but that would require actually buying a ticket….

Tomorrow is my niece’s 10th birthday party. 10! Words can’t describe how old that makes me feel, especially since I haven’t even begun. I remember the day she was born, so I can’t be too old yet! She has requested an Apple TV, iTunes cards, and American Girl Doll stuff. She is not spoiled at all…… right!

I am fulfilling 2 of those requests-

1. because IF

2. because  I have a long running victory of always getting her the best, probably age inappropriate, gifts. ie: first cell phone.  (It was only talk/text.. I don’t believe in a net capable phone that young.)

Her mom does, so she got my niece an iphone for her birthday last year. My sister’s reasoning: “Cause it was only a penny”..  Since then, I have been buying my niece iTunes cards for gifts, prompting her want for an Apple TV like mine. (They are awesome, so can’t really blame her!)

My niece is also receiving a HANDCRAFTED here in Iowa, bunk bed set to fit her (not purchased by me) American Girl doll…

-Do people even realize/care that when they pay $150 and beyond for these brand of dolls/furniture, that all of them are made in Ch!na?   I am not 100% against outsourcing hence apple products,…. but the dolls represent AMERICAN HISTORY!

-the comments on it regarding the AG bubble bath, were even more concerning.. but chemical poisons are a post for another time.

I will post a pic of the awesome bunk bed when I get a chance.


So, a boring recap: Tomorrow I work, then my niece’s pool party for her 10th birthday.. then no definitive plans… I could be responsible and put my clothes away because I still have some in suitcases from past vacations …but F that !!!!

I’ll probably watch Trailer Park Boys on Netflix with the BF. Idk why I like it so much, but that show has grown on me, maybe its the Canadian accents, ignorant comedy, or cause I love hearing them say “fuk off” ??  I have since watched all 7 seasons, and working on watching the movies now. I love Netflix.


I should probably start being productive for now…










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